33821992This book was a great read in the beginning. I really liked the tension between Hannah and Cody. Hannah is the perfect good-good girl who has straight As and is perfect, everything that Cody is not. Cody is troubled and is blamed for the death of his pregnant girl friend. Depressed and moody, Hannah strikes a deal with Cody in effort to live the last few weeks of high school before graduation.

The message of the book is great. The romance started out nice and sweet. There was tons of angst and the characters weren’t really frustrating. However, some of the secondary characters I hated. Harrison was an annoying jerk. I don’t understand how Hannah could see him in a great light, when it is blatantly he is the wrong crowd. Hannah’s blindness to Harrison’s actual behavior was an irritating part of the book, which started half way through the book.

Cody was a great character. However, he does has his stupidity moments. When the giant twist happened, I really hated everyone except for Cody and Hannah. The twist was really good so that is why I am giving this book 2 stars. Otherwise, the ending is really abrupt and just meh.

Since this book is an okay read, with a lot of annoying aspects and I managed to finish it, I am giving this book a 2 reluctant stars.


two stars