28550028Sabotage, paparazzi, and all the elements are included in this funny and hilarious romantic read. It’s been a while since I’ve read a reality romance TV show and to say that this was a nice read is the understatement of the year.

Anaya has a great way of writing the voices of Brody and Midge in third person. Both of them were unique and it was easy to tell who was who, something that many authors I see fail to do. Midge is stubborn and feisty. However, she is bookish and has a strong backbone. Her stubbornness can be annoying at times, but I feel that it was necessary for the plot because Brody became even more swoony. Midge is a great character. She is funny and relatable. Plus, she is an aspiring author, so that only adds to the funness of a person who wants to get away from reality TV. In addition, she is not a pushover, which I really appreciate because combined with a pushover character and reality TV is recipe for disaster (thankfully did not happen!). Brody took me by surprise is a good way. I wasn’t expecting him to fight so much for Midge’s love and really genuinely like her. He isn’t jerky. Instead, he is the epitome of a great book boyfriend. Now, I will be looking for more Brodys.

The overall plot was great. There weren’t any areas where the plot dragged on. I loved how the entire romance was integral to the plot and was slow paced. It wasn’t bang bang boom. Also, it was nice to have virgin character. I am kinda tired of having heroines and serious playboys just sleeping with other people and this was a nice change. Plus, there is no sex or explicit content. I was glad that despite this book being a “clean read” there was actual chemistry.

In summary, this is a great book. Anaya does a great job depicting the reality TV and making it a part of the romance. The characters are great and fun to read. Therefore I would give this book 5 stars.