A Special ObsessionWhat a beautiful, sexy and heartbreaking love story. This book has it all. It has angst, funny moments, a sweet hero, strong heroine, and amazing secondary characters. I finished this book in just one day, which meant reading everywhere. I just couldn’t get enough.

The characters are amazing in this book. Hargrove has a wonderful way of making the characters have unique and wonderful personalities. Weston and Special (yes, Special) have rough pasts and are seemly from the opposite side of town. Weston appears as a rich and spoilt brat, which he is far from. Instead, he is trying to escape his rich father’s controlling ways and establish his own career. Special has a broken past (view spoiler). What I love about Hargrove’s creation of the characters is that she uses the past to make these characters stronger. Weston’s and Special’s hard personalities is what draws them in. They use their past experiences to make them better people, which is something that I admire. The secondary are just so sweet. I love Mimi and Cody. I want them to be my family.

The romance between Special and Weston is really unique. Their is more that they have in common than what they think. Weston tries to be a better person while Special tries to be a better mother for her adoptive son. I really enjoy that their romance started out as a friendship. It was lust at first sight, but the hatred and snippy remarks soon calmed down and started out as a start of a new phase of their life. Their romance is slow burn and starts to progress as they become more familiar with each other. What is nice is that Special and Weston don’t get under the sheets till they are comfortable with each other. They knew each other on a personal level and established an emotional connection before having sex, which many books don’t have. Hangrove does an amazing job in writing the chemistry of the characters. The chemistry is evident and leaves you waiting for more.

Hangrove’s plot line is another thing I love about this book. Because Weston and Special drove the story the plot was not slow and too fast. It was spread out nicely and the climax was not a horrible and dramatic fight. What I love about Hangrove’s plot line is there is no so much drama. The drama is controlled. Instead, it is focused on the characters and how they act.

Overall, this is an amazing love story. This is a really good feel good read. I would highly recommend people to read this romance. It is one of the best I have read up to date. Therefore, this book will receive five plus stars.