After going through a huge reading slump, I am so glad I found another book written by two amazing authors. Mister Moneybags is not at all what I expected it to be. And that is in a good way.

32848470Characters: Dexter Truitt “Dex” and Bianca George are two characters who are different as light and day. Bianca is feisty and fun while Dex is a multimillionaire mogul. The initial meeting between
the two of results in Dex lying about his identity due to Bianca’s preconceived notions about huge rich men. This results in Dex leading a duel identity. However, it is adorable to see Dex acting really sweet as being Jay and also being himself as Dex. Once, the lies are out though, what Dex does to win back Bianca is amazing. Bianca is another great heroine. She is not a pushover and is really fun. She acts logically and was a great character to read. Also, she is a great match for Dex.

Plot: The plot, which includes the romance, is really good. It not exactly slow paced, but I am really glad that unlike Keeland’s and Ward’s book where the characters immediately go and start banging, they waited till they were in love. The twists in the book were unexpected. However, my only issue was that is was just entirely to coincidental. It was like the twist was just not really a twist, but places the pieces together, which took up a good third of the book.

Overall, this was a great read. I enjoyed this novel and it was fun being with the characters. Therefore my rating is: