27237358When I read this book, I was really apprehensive that it would be draggy and boring due to the book covering several years. However, I was surprised. There was so much in this book. There was so much emotion, heartbreak, love, surprises, and twists.

The book was perfect. Most importantly, the way the soldiers were portrayed in this book was extremely accurate. The emotions inn the characters appeared natural and realistic. The romance also was nice and slow paced.

The relationship between Ambrose and Fern is delicate and beautiful. Both are broken souls. Ambrose is suffering from severe PTSD and Fern is coping with her insecurities. Fern has also been in love with Ambrose since she was 10. Her love for Ambrose is unbelievable. She loves him despite his now mangled face. She loved him in his lowest moments. And what is unbelivable is she confessed her love and allowed him to slowly reciprocate the feelings. She did not go out and start dating madly. She waited and that is once virtue I loved about Fern: patience.

Ambrose is a great male lead for this book. He is scarred and broken. His actions seem immature and he appears mysterious. However, he is an amazing hero. He reedeems himself through his actions. He loves Fern who she is. The words and the dialogue are amazing.

I could ramble on and on about how great this book is. If you are looking for a heart breaking, inspirational, and redeeming novel, then this is what you should look for. Even fans of Beauty and the Beast will love this tale.

My rating for this book is: