This was a nice sexy read with real bite. The plot was engaging and the writing was pretty good. There weren’t any annoying typos or drastic need of editing. The writing spoke from third person in the POVs of the main characters: Liz the Human and Robb the Vampire.

Liz and Robb are an unlikely couple. One, day are different as night and day. Two, they are just polar opposites. However, because they are an unlikely couple I did enjoy their story. The romance had a pretty good pace. It wasn’t insta-love or insta-lust, which was nice. The problem with many vampire romance novels is that they are paced way to fast and the romance is unrealistic. Here it is realistic.

Unfortunately, I did have some issues with the book. One was with Robb behavior. He is a walking contradiction. One minute he is kind, the next moment he is macho alpha-man. His hot and cold behavior was okay, but there were points where he acted like a child instead of four hundred year old vampire. Another issue I had with the book was the length. It was just way too short. I wish it was longer and the vampire world would have been explored more. The short length of the book also led to an abrupt ending. It was like “Whaat???”

Because I have some positive and mixed feelings of the book, my rating is:

gold star