I32311828f you want a book with a great love/hate story, then this is the book for you. The hating part between the two characters was great because it is was guanine. You could see Aurora “Rory” hate Garret with a passion that over took her. Being with Garret took over her and made her enjoy the sparring sessions despite her not realizing it. And it was the same with Garrett except you could see that he was enamored with Rory before she was with him.

The arguing and banter in this book is great. It moves the plot line and oozes out sexual tension and chemistry. However, you can also see that they soon start to fall for each other, which is gradual and slow. This is one of my favorite parts of the book.

Another favorite part of the book is the entire pacing of the romance. Rory and Garrett didn’t just jump and take their clothes off. It was slow and gradual. I also liked the fact that Garrett wasn’t a playboy. He was committed and believed in relationships even though he was never in one. Rory was another great character in the build up of the relationship. She was smart, logical, cool, and surprisingly passionate. The two opposites attract worked here and the fact that it was an office romance really didn’t interfere with the plot.

The only dislike I have of the book is the part where they argue once they are together. I felt both of them were blind and acting unreasonable and childish. Rory deciding not to talk to Garret for a few weeks was stupid.

Despite this slight criticism, I really enjoyed this book. Therefore the rating is: