33292121This book was a pretty good conclusion to Echo’s and Cora’s love story. However, I was disappointed in many ways.

  1. The ending was very abrubt. There were a lot of great plot twists, but it was just like listed and then nothing was dealt with. I was expecting a finale or something great.
  2. The romance between Cora and Echo was less prevalent in this book. I wish there were moments of them together. This book did not have much.
  3. The fact that Cora is a Goddess did not very well match the story. It was just like all of a sudden.

Although there were many disappointments in this book there were some good things:

  1. Echo was a swoony as ever. He was really protective and there was more character growth in him.
  2. I get to find out what happens to Eirik (I have not read his trilogy yet).
  3. The pace of the plot was good.

Overall, this book was a disappointment. But because this is Ednah Walters I am going to have to give it a :

gold star