23124916What another great installment to the an already great series! This book was really fun to read because of the new things we learn about the world of Runes. In addition, we get to learn more about Echo and who he is.

The characters again in this book played themselves out really well. Echo was adorable as ever. He was always protecting Cora and watching out for her. I want my own Echo. He is sweet and protective. Even though his presence is slightly lesser in this book than the previous one, I love the scenes he is in. He is away because he wants to protect Cora. Cora was amazing in this book. I love the fact that she is not the friendliest girl out there, but she will do anything to protect the ones she loves. The slashing tires scene is hilarious. She shows her mean side but it is hilarious because they really did deserve it, the girls who bullied her.

The action is this book great. There was suspense and nothing dragged on. Overall, this was a great new installment to the Grimnirs series. My rating is 5 stars: