17285743The moment I read this book I was instantly Subscribed. This book was a nice short and sweet best friends to lovers romance. Although the book was predictable, the writing kept me engaged and was realistic.

The Characters: 
The main characters of this book were Cat and West. Both had great chemistry and went along together. West has a lot of person problems to deal with. He suffers from the loss of his mother and has the typical teenage struggles of a guy. However, hearing his POV was great. I am glad he narrated the entire novel because he was a relatable person and even though he was an idiot I wanted to bang him in the head he still corrected himself and grew. His grown from recognizing his person problems to realizes that Cat is the one who he needs is slow and amazing. Cat is an amazing best friend. She is witty and funny. The entire Harper scheme was great. The entire alter ego and realizing that he is a vlogger and following him as an alter ego was really cool.

The Romance: 
The romance was great. It was slow paced, but there was that burn. You could literally feel the chemistry between Cat and West. I am glad that there was no insta-love and that it was slow. The ending was great, but I wish there was a bit more.

Overall this book was great. There was a slow build up and the plot evened itself. I just wish this book was longer and there was more revealed about the history of other characters. Because of that my rating is: