After reading the first two books of Runes, which consisted of Raine’s and Torin’s story, I was hesitant to hear about Cora. I was expecting the story to be not as great and, boy, did it surprise me. This story is one of the best young adult norse-mythology based novels. The pace of the book was great, the romance, and the characters fell in place and had a great flow.

First the characters, Echo and Cora. The names of them are awesome and the relationship between them is real. It is not an insta-love, but a slow tender build up. Echo beats Torin by a mile. There is something about Echo’s character that was hard not to like. He did make mistakes and acted like a jerk in parts of the book, but again his actions made it up. Also, the fact that he is not perfect makes him even more perfect. His flaws are open and it is obvious that has things to work on, but through falling in love with Cora he becomes a better person over the book. Cora’s character development was another significant in the book. At first when reading the first few pages, I was not sure what to make of her, but soon she grew on me. In fact, I almost like her better than Raine. Cora is stubborn, sometimes cold-hearted, but over all an extremely kind hearted person. Her love for Echo grows quite soon in the book, but she is not a push over and lets him grow. The fact that she is willing to wait for him to reciprocate her love amazes me.

The world building in this great. There was a gradual build up in the world and we get to see more from the Valkaries and other characters from the first two runes novels. It was nice to learn about who Echo is and more about Hel’s mist, a place that was commonly talked about in the first two books.

Overall, this was a great read. The characters are perfect and Walter’s does another great job delivering a new installment to the Runes series and first book of Cora’s story. This book deserves 5+ stars.