31697193             This books was an sexy, emotional and adventurous ride. I felt like I was swaying in water exactly as the title suggested. I have read all the books in the series and this is by far the best. Nick completely surprised me and he was my favorite brother by far. His actions and his thoughts made me really proud of him because despite his mistakes he manned up. Also he is incredibly patient and not a push over.
Chloe was a great main character. She has her own demons and had some growing up to do. But with her progress in the book I am impressed. Despite coming from an abusive family,  she still held her ground. Although she made (spoiler: one major mistake) during the book, she did redeem herself at the end.

The romance,of course, was great. There was no Insta-love. It was a slow build up, but steamy. The chemistry between the characters were great. They were meant to be with each other although they never necessarily saw it.

I would highly recommend this book. Great new addition to the series!