OMG! This is what I was after reading this book. Everything is entirely flawless. The drama, the characters, the plot line, and the entire world building was perfect. This is my first political romance book I have ever read and boy did it set the bar high for future ones.

          What I love about the book: everything.  The most awesome thing was the plot line. It just flowed there was no drag, no unnecessary drama, and  the politics were accurate (kudos for the author doing her homework!).

        The characters. Don’t let me even get started.  Matt is just amazing, there is something about him, and even when you read his POVs you can see how great of a person he is. Sure he is alpha man, but that does not ruin the story. Aaand Charlotte was another amazing heroine. The way she stood up for her country (*spoiler) she even walked away from Matt knowing the scandals it would cause). She is passionate, driven, spunky, and a really cool person. You also notice some of her inner struggles in keeping the relationship secret but you know what love can conquer most things

The romance was perfect. There was chemistry among the characters, but it took time for things to build up and that’s what I like.  The book is spread over many months, so it actually takes them a few months to get together and start the process of falling in love The characters knew each other before doing it. It wasn’t a sudden bang bang whom. The passion was real.

Now for the parts I didn’t like (tiny)) : I wished there was more Matt POV. It would be nice to see his thoughts more. Charlotte was primarily narrating the novel, little more Matt pls

Surprises: The age difference didn’t bother me much. I thought of them as two people the same age based on how they act The scandalous love story didn’t seem as cliche and boring  It was nicely spread out and they were extremely careful (duh!) and avoided slip ups (yay!).

Rating: five stars.png