With the first installment of Charlotte’s and Matt’s story over, the second and final installment is finally out! The first installment really made me pumped up for this last and final installment. Sadly, it did not meet my expectations. (*spoiler*)The first half of the book was great. We get to see what happened to Charlotte after Matt is elected president. The very much ruination is expected. Once, that happens Charlotte becomes acting first lady. The romance between the two is beautiful and heartfelt. However, once Matt proposes to Charlotte things start going down the lane. It was a blur of events. They start a family, crisis occurs, four years pass, and then boom we have Matt running for second terms and good-bye. 

             The second half just felt like I was skimming through a biography of the first couple. There was ton of internal monologue and just recounting of events, no telling of the actual events. The ending was just abrupt and nothing really exciting. 

          Overall, I am really disappointed with this book. But because the first half was good I have to give it some compromise.


gold star