29617146This book was a disappointing read. I expected so much from it, but none of my expectations were met. What a waste of $0.99 (menial, but a waste of money)! I decided to read this book because the reviews on GoodReads were overall good and the sample I bought seemed engaging, so I was like Why not buy this book?

When I read it, I don’t mind the first few chapters. Then, everything changes. We have multiple POVs. I mean what the heck? In addition to Palmer and Cade, we have Pike and his idiotic girlfriend/friend for benefits story on the side? Why would you even add that? In addition, everything changes over a period of like what two months. Before suddenly, Palmer gets accidentally pregnant and Cade decides to marry her.

The plot and everything overall was the main issue with the book. I couldn’t even read this book. I somehow managed to finish it otherwise I would have felt guilty for buying this book. This cheesy second chance novel is not my cup of tea. Do not buy this book!