22888864This book is just so amazing. I have never read a book that incorporates the circus and sports element so well into the romance. There are so many good things in this book. So, first thing is the characters. Thora and Nikolai worked perfectly well. Both characters had their flaws and their great qualities. Thora is one my favorite heroines because throughout the book she is determined not to give up. She says,

“I really wasn’t. I remember staying after to learn the choreography, determined to nail it. I never did. Not as well as the other girls. But I tried. I really tried.”

Thora is average, but her qualities is what makes her so unaverage. Despite she being the narrator of the entire story, you could see what the few people truly saw in Thora: determination. And speaking of determination, Nikolai is truly the “God of Russia.” He is a true god in many ways. His personality, sweetness, and his flaws make him amazing. He might be overprotective and overbearing at times, but I just loved it because I knew his intentions were good.

When he starts training Thora, I initially thought of him as this cold guy who rarely helped other people. That is true to an extent, but he was one of the most loyal people to his family. My favorite climatic moment of his is:

“Thora,” he says lowly, “I taught you that routine. For months, I’ve been teaching it to you.”

“Every trick,” he explains, “is one that you needed for Amour.”

It hits me like a forty-foot wave. I sway back, and he holds my hips so I don’t drift too far. I barely whisper, “The death drop.”

“The modified straddle slide,” he rephrases.

My god! Who would do this? Who would teach you an entire routine without you even knowing it because he wants you to be your partner? The answer is Nikolai.

I could go on and on how good he is, but now to other parts of the book. The world and setting of the book is set amazing. The world blends in with the romance and the two somehow work together. I thought this book would be a cheesy trainer falls in love with trainee book, but it so much more. There is the family dynamic, expectations, and the all not pretty stuff of Las Vegas. The balance and blending of elements creates a perfect story.

Bottom line, everything in this book is perfect. There were some moments though I wished I could have heard Nik’s thoughts, but somehow with Thora narrating the story it made it seem better because she was new.

This book deserves a 5+ ^infinity power (no pun intended). I need more books with guys like Nikolai and girls like Thora.