This book started out really nicely. I was drawn into the world and it seemed fascinating. So, I read on. However, after one third of the book it got really draggy. There wasn’t much happening. There wasn’t much interaction with Igniex as I wanted too. Due to the book being in first person, I feel that we were missing out on Igniex. He wasn’t featured much and I would have loved to know more about him. I feel like the Igniex was just added because he was there. 

However, there were some great aspects to this book, but not enough to make it a 3. The great part of the book was the heroine. She was real. There was real anger in her and I could understand her. The twist at the end was cool, but again, I wished it was more clear.

The last issue with this book is the writing. The writing did not enhance me much. The heroine’s internal dialogue was too long and I would have craved for more dialogue and interaction. That is what made the book draggy. I finished it, but I was kinda disappointed, but the concept was good.